Learn About Microsoft Ford SYNC Systems, available in Tampa, FL, on vehicles from Bill Currie Ford.

SYNC1 is an easy-to-use in-car connectivity system that allows you to make hands-free calls and control your music and other functions with simple voice commands. Notably, Microsoft Ford SYNC systems are available in Tampa, FL, vehicles from Bill Currie Ford. This system allows you to:

  • Access your phone, compatible mp3 player, or USB drive with voice activated commands
  • Be connected directly to a 911 operator after an accident in which an airbag deploys
  • Generate Vehicle Health Reports that provide vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and recall information
  • Receive audible text messages
  • And much, much more

Newly added features to SYNC include:

  • Send to SYNC using Google Maps
  • Personalized information including horoscopes, stocks, movies, and more
  • Travel Services which gives access to airline and hotel contact information

Most Bluetooth-enabled phones work with SYNC

Say a simple command and SYNC will use your connected phone to make the call hands-free. You’ll hear the person you are calling through your stereo speakers.

Hands-free Calling

Answer an incoming call with a button press. Make a call with a simple voice command. Browse your phonebook, view your call log, or place a call on hold – all without ever touching your phone.

Audible Text Messages

Touch a button and SYNC will read incoming texts to you. SYNC is even smart enough to translate commonly used phrases and emoticons such as “LOL” and :).

Uninterrupted Connections

If you’re in the middle of a call as you enter your vehicle, SYNC can instantly connect to your phone. And when you’re ready to exit your vehicle, SYNC can transfer the call right back to your phone.

Advanced Calling Features

SYNC conveniently displays your mobile phone’s Caller ID, call waiting, conference calling, a caller log, contact list, and a signal strength icon on your radio’s display screen.

Ringtone Support

SYNC will recognize your ringtone on supported phones and play it when your phone rings. If you’ve configured unique ringtones to identify individual callers, SYNC will automatically play those, too.

Automatic Phonebook Download

SYNC automatically transfers the names and numbers programmed in your phonebook from your compatible phone to the SYNC system.

Multiple Phone Support

Up to 12 phones can easily be paired with SYNC. Should more than one paired phone be present in the vehicle at the same time, SYNC will attempt to contact the designated primary phone first. SYNC also has the ability to easily switch between phones.

Media Support

Most popular media players and file formats are compatible with SYNC. SYNC supports a variety of devices and most USB drives. Supported audio formats include MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV.

Music Search

Browse your MP3 player collection by genre, album, artist, playlist, and song title via simple voice commands, such as “Play Genre: Rock,” “Play [Artist],” or “Play Track: [Song Title].” Your music player can also be operated via steering wheel controls (if equipped) or the vehicle’s sound system controls.

USB Device Charging

Your media player automatically charges whenever it’s plugged into SYNC’s USB port and the vehicle is on.

“Play Similar” Feature

A simple voice instruction of “Similar Music” makes SYNC automatically create a virtual playlist based on the genre and style of the current song.

Podcast and Audio-book Support

With SYNC’s support for podcasts and audio-books, you can listen to your favorite podcasts while you drive or listen to that spy novel or best seller that’s been on your “to read” list.

Bluetooth Streaming Audio

If your mobile phone or media device supports Bluetooth streaming audio, SYNC can wirelessly stream music tracks from the device to your vehicle’s sound system.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

SYNC with Turn-by-Turn Directions will get you where you want to go by delivering voice directions to your destination over your audio system’s speakers. SYNC even lets you store frequently used locations such as “Home”.

Traffic Alerts

Just say “Traffic” and SYNC delivers updates on the traffic conditions ahead or directions to where you’re going right over your vehicle’s sound system. You can even receive text-message traffic alerts on your mobile phone.

Business Search

SYNC can automatically connect you to a database of more than 14 million U.S. business listings, then provide Turn-by-Turn Directions based on your vehicle’s location. The system can also send a text message and a map to your mobile phone.

Personalized Daily Info

You can receive news, sports, weather, and now horoscopes, stocks, and movies via SYNC. Simply go to the SYNC Owner Center website and make your selections in the Personalized Daily Info section. Then listen to your desired information with just a few simple voice commands.

Travel Services

Using simple voice commands, receive helpful information for airlines, rental cars, hotels, taxis, weather, and driving directions via SYNC.

Send to SYNC

With Send to SYNC2, you can use Google Maps or MapQuest via your computer to locate a destination, then send it directly to your SYNC system for directions. Use Google Maps or MapQuest and establish your destination as you normally do. Then simply send the information to your vehicle’s SYNC System, which you can quickly do by providing your SYNC registered mobile phone number. Once in your vehicle and connected to SYNC, just say “services”. You’ll be prompted to receive your destination download. You’re good to go!

911 Assist

With your mobile phone, 911 Assist helps put you directly in touch with a 911 operator, bypassing call centers. And if you’re unable to speak, the system delivers an urgent message to the emergency operator. The system is triggered by airbag deployment or fuel pump shutoff.

Vehicle Health Report

Say “Vehicle Health” and SYNC will create a personalized online report for your vehicle’s operating systems. Vehicle Health Report shows you vehicle diagnostics, scheduled maintenance information, and recall information and lets you schedule service online at the SYNC Owner Center website.

We hope this page has allowed you to learn more about Microsoft Ford SYNC systems, available in Tampa, FL vehicles from Bill Currie Ford! Contact us if you want a new Ford equipped with SYNC today!

1SYNC is available on most vehicles. Features/functionality varies by vehicle/model. See dealer for details. Not all SYNC features will be compatible with all mobile phones.

2Available on 2010 MY and later vehicles. Only one destination at a time can be sent to/stored by SYNC. Directions provided based on vehicle location when destination activated. For details and to register, go to